Mindful Parenting

Mindful-Parenting“Parenting is our most sacred work and children are our spiritual teachers.”
~ Sally Arnold

Parenting is our most sacred work and children are our spiritual teachers. Babies are not born with manuals; the good news is that upon arrival parents are gifted with an inner parenting compass, a built in intuitive guidance system. Similar to the GPS that guides us when we are driving, this compass will always guide us in the right direction. It is best accessed through mindfulness. Mindful parenting asks us to pause and listen to our inner compass, to be fully present in the moment, with kindness and compassion, and faith that this too shall pass.

We cannot give what we do not have. This may seem obvious. However, this is one of the greatest challenges we face as parents. Our lives tend to be fast paced with more asked of us than we have time and energy to give. As parents, we do not need one more thing to add to our “To Do” list. Parents are seeking balance and guidance. We want our families to thrive and often we are doing our best just to survive.

Mindful parenting begins with mindful parents. Parenting is not an art or a science, it is a practice. Adding mindfulness to your parenting practice is adding balance and well being to your life. Mindfulness is a particular way of being present, with unconditional awareness of what is unfolding moment to moment. Mindfulness teaches us tools to be responsive rather than reactive. These tools are based on 30 years of clinical research in the field of neuroscience. This evidence based, secular practice has been found successful in medicine, psychology, corporate environments, professional sports, and education.

Mindful Compass mentoring will guide you to navigate parenting with mindfulness. Our workshops, trainings and mentoring are geared to meet your specific needs. We offer guidance through a four week series of classes, all day intensives or single family mentoring. Mindful parenting allows you to experience the joy and simplicity of a healthy, balanced family. Mindful parents grow heartful families.

Mindful Compass founder, Sally Arnold, has been teaching parenting classes for over 20 years. She draws upon her experience in nursing, psychology, mindfulness and teaching. She offers a holistic approach to mentoring families, teaching how to navigate parenting with mindfulness. Sally has been a foster and adoptive parent. She has been happily married to Michael since 1986 and they have four beautiful children, three overly friendly dogs, 3 lazy cats, a coop full of chickens and a duck named Mr.

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