Dear Parents - WWLD?

photo by providence-doucet

photo by providence-doucet

What Would Love Do? 

This might be the most profound question that you will ever ask yourself.

And the answers might surprise you. WWLD? Get a bigger bowl … 

Our youngest daughter, Kenzie, entered our family as our foster daughter when she was two years old. When she joined our family her biggest fear was not of monsters. Her biggest fear was of “being bad”. One sunny morning, as we sat at the counter, she was eating her cereal when she accidentally knocked the bowl over. Cereal and milk went flying. Kenzie began shaking and frantically asking “Am I bad? Am I bad? Am I a bad girl?’ Fear engulfed her. My heart broke as I held her and I could only whisper: It’s ok … its ok … its ok. Together we cleaned up the spilled milk. 

I wanted to transform this experience and wasn’t sure what to do. I took three mindful breaths and asked myself “What Would Love Do?” 

In an instant I knew, I just knew. WWLD? Get a bigger bowl.

I set out a bigger bowl. I poured myself cereal with A LOT of milk. I sat back down next to my daughter; and we went on to eat our Cheery Little O’s (aka cheerios). Next, I “accidentally” spilled my bowl of cereal with LOTS of milk. When I glanced over at Kenzie’s big brown eyes, we both froze. I then heard her whisper, “its ok momma, It’s ok … Its ok.” It was ok.

WWLD? The answer does not come from a place of guilt or judgment, shoulds or shouldn’ts. The answer comes from a place deep within our knowing.  WWLD invites us to meet the moment with unwavering compassion. This compassion is our compass. We are no longer lost in the moment. Compassion must include ourselves to be our best self as a parent. Our most mindful parenting is creative parenting. 

Next time you are facing a conundrum; pause, take a breath, and ask yourself, What Would Love Do? I’d love to hear your stories and celebrate this magnificent journey of parenting with you.



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sally arnold