Stress Reduction
Through Mindfulness.


“50% of people - across professions, from the
nonprofit sector to the medical field - are burned out.” ~Harvard Business Review

According to the Harvard Business Review, “50% of people - across professions, from the nonprofit sector to the medical field - are burned out.” Toxic stress and burnout are epidemic. Mindfulness training can be the antidote to burnout.


"The stress and demands of attorney life are sometimes unbearable. I used unhealthy escapes just to get through, now I have healthy strategies to get through the tough times."
~ J.N. – Attorney

What do Google, Facebook, Pixar, General Mills, Ford, Apple, Aetna, Goldman Sachs - have in common? These are just a few of the companies that offer in house mindfulness programs and meditation rooms. They have done their research, they know the value of offering in house mindfulness training. The Burnout Solution is a program to teach your staff tools to decrease burnout and increase resilience and productivity.

"Sally’s teaching was so inspiring. I learned the science of mindfulness and the ways to implement it into my hectic life. I feel hopeful."
~ T.K. - Victims Witness


Does mindfulness training really make a difference? Empirical research has established that mindfulness strategies enhance mental focus, emotional intelligence, resilience, empathy, memory, cognition and creativity. An attainable goal of teaching mindfulness is to reduce stress in a meaningful way to improve the overall environment in the workplace. Studies have documented that mindfulness training can prevent and reduce and reverse burnout.


"Introduction to Mindfulness for Attorneys was insightful and relevant. The statics behind attorney burnout and the brain science behind mindfulness were compelling. Sally was a dynamic & knowledgeable speaker."
~ J.K. - Attorney

The Burnout Solution applies neuroscience based mindfulness principals to decrease work related stress and job burnout and increase wellness and productivity. This course is valuable for nurses, physicians, attorneys and general audiences. An Introduction to Mindfulness in the Workplace is a 2 hour program for professionals. Those ready to taken next steps, may begin The Burnout Solution weekly mindfulness trainings. The Burnout Solution is offered as a four week or eight week series.