Meditation Pack

Allow yourself to be transported from where you are to a stress-free place of healing, ease, and peace.

This meditation pack contains 3 curated meditations to help train your heart and mind to live in a place of
balance, peace, and ease.
  • Healing Light Body Scan (15 min)

This meditation will guide you through full-body relaxation. Allow yourself 15 minutes to savor this transformational experience. Listeners report less stress, less pain, and an overall improved sense of well-being. Your body is your temple, your vehicle, and your home. Relax into this powerful healing journey.

  • Come Home to Your Heart (10 min)

Learn to navigate life with an open and kind heart. Shift from your head into your heart where wisdom awaits. Quiet your busy mind and drop into an exploration of your heart center. Enjoy this magical journey into stillness and love.

  • The Exhale Effect (5 min)

Feeling Anxious? Overwhelmed? Agitated? This meditation is for you. The Exhale Effect is a neuroscience-based meditation that will decrease your heart rate, and blood pressure, and reset your nervous system. The Exhale Effect is a powerful, portable (practice anytime, anywhere) and easy way to decrease your stress and activate the relaxation response in only 5 minutes.

What to expect:

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  • You will also receive another email with the meditations downloadable files

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