Stress is the off switch to connecting.
Disconnection leads to burnout.
Burnout for parents is real.

Just like burnout from work, there are studies that define parental burnout. A Belgian study of more than 2000 parents identified the signs and symptoms of parental burnout. It is alarming that parental burnout is also associated with depression, addiction, and other health problems. Parents of both genders are equally susceptible. When we experience job burnout,we know that we can go home after 8 hours or even find a new job. Parenting is a 24/7 job, quitting is not an option.


"I loved Sally’s Introduction to Mindfulness class! I wish I had these tools when I first started raising my grandchildren, or better yet, when my kids were little. I learned ways to turn chaos into calm. These are simple, yet powerful, tools." ~ C. B. – The Grand Parent Project

Mindful Based Parenting is a course which addresses the causes of parental burnout. Toxic stress leads to burnout. Parents experiencing burnout approach parenting as another “to-do” list rather than a compassionate, connected, relationship with their child. Mindful Based Parenting is a neuroscience based approach to understanding our child’s behavior as well as our own. This course teaches parents how to reconnect with their children and themselves, how to find calm in the midst of chaos. Parents learn how to identify, prevent or reverse the symptoms of parental burnout. This course includes the latest research that will give families the tools to feel less stressed, more connected and happier.

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"I realized I treated my construction crew of 70 guys better than I treated my own family. I learned how to not judge myself so hard as a dad and a husband. Now I look forward to coming home. Mindfulness has brought harmony to our home." ~ A. H. - Dad

Mindful Based Parenting is presented as a 2 hour introductory program for parents. For those wanting to deepen their understanding of mindfulness, a four week (90 minute) Mindful Based Parenting series is offered. Self compassion is the key to mindful parenting. Mindful parenting creates peaceful families. There is nothing our world needs more right now.