Navigate from Chaos to Calm


Mindfulness is meeting this moment as it is, bringing awareness and compassion to thoughts, feelings, internal sensations and external surroundings.
~ Sally Arnold


School Based Mindfulness

School Based Mindfulness is a brain based program that teaches mindfulness to both students and teachers. An Introduction to Mindfulness for Teachers is a 2 hour professional development program. Teachers interested in next steps could choose between having Sally teach the mindfulness curriculum in selected classrooms or begin the whole school mindfulness integration program. Sally will mentor teachers, principals and administrators who would like to integrate a yearlong, sustainable, mindfulness curriculum into their school.

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Mindful Based Parenting

Mindful Based Parenting is a holistic parenting program created to reduce parental stress and increase family harmony. Stress is the off switch to connecting, we cannot connect with our children or partners when we are feeling overwhelmed. This course teaches parents how to reconnect with their children and themselves, how to decrease overwhelm, and to find calm in
the midst of chaos. Parents learn how to identify, prevent, or reverse the symptoms of parental burnout. Mindful based parenting utilizes the latest research to give families the tools to feel less
stressed, more connected and happier.

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The Burnout Solution

The Burnout Solution is a stress reduction through mindfulness program.This course applies neuroscience based mindfulness principals to decrease work related stress and job burnout and increase wellness and productivity. This course is valuable for nurses, physicians, attorneys as well as general audiences. An Introduction to Mindfulness is a two hour program for professionals. Those wishing to learn more about mindfulness begin The Burnout Solution weekly mindfulness trainings. The Burnout Solution is offered as a four week or eight week program.

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