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“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

~ Dalai Lama XIV

Meet Sally

Sally Arnold is an international Mindfulness Educator, Speaker, Author, Awakened Living Coach, and Parenting Guide. She holds a Bachelors degree in Nursing, a Master's degree in Psychology and has extensive training in mindfulness education.

Sally is the founder of Mindful Compass. Mindful Compass courses and consulting are designed to offer skills to enhance resilience, compassion, and well-being. Mindful Compass curriculum has been taught to diverse audiences including healthcare professionals, attorneys, social workers, teachers, administrators, and general audiences.

Additionally, Sally has taught mindfulness to thousands of children, parents, and teachers. She has worked extensively with parents and families for over 20 years.

Life Experience

Sally was found wandering in the streets when she was 2 ½ years old...

She was placed in foster care and eventually adopted. Her curiosity about how families came together and what made them thrive began at an early age. Her desire to pay it forward resulted in her becoming a foster parent and adopting through the foster care system.

Sally has survived raising 4 remarkable humans into adulthood. She has lived through the trenches of all ages and stages of parenting. Sally has opened her heart and her home to many kids in need of a safe place and a kitchen table where they can gather and share their stories.

When not writing or teaching, Sally can be found puttering in the garden, hiking in the Sierra foothills with her husband Michael, or playing with her beloved grandchildren.

Let's Work Together

When you work with Sally as your Awakened Living Coach, you will receive the necessary tools and support to create the life of your dreams.

Learn neuroscience-based skills to live with clarity and balance. Learn to befriend fear and discomfort and transform them into peace and ease.

When you choose to no longer live by default, you choose to live with intention. An intentional life is filled with potential and possibility. Mindfulness is the key to resilience. Resilience is the key to happiness.

You deserve to be happy. Happiness, joy, ease, and freedom are waiting for you. Sally brings wisdom, guidance, and love to each session.

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